Simone Lee is a formally qualified Trichologist and the director of Education for The Australian Institute of Trichology. Trichology is the scientific study and practice relating to the health of hair and scalp. Disorders such as hair loss, hair thinning, Psoriasis and numerous other conditions are addressed using a natural holistic approach.

Working in conjunction with leading licenced pharmaceutical compounders and specialised laboratories, guests will be provided with optimum hair / scalp analysis, advice and treatment solutions.

Guests should allow approximately forty-five minutes for their Trichology consultation. The charge per session is $120.00.  In the event on going Trichology services are required, individual packages may be arranged. Consultations include advanced Trichoscopic, and Microscopic evaluation of hair and scalp, reccomendations for suitable hairstyling, hair replacement (wigs, extensions)  and colour service options.

Hair tissue mineral analysis testing is also available, with a naturopathic breakdown of lab results. Additional fees and charges apply for this service.

Trichological Specialized Treatment Services

    1. Individually tailored healing treatment package for scalp and hair
    2. Dermal cleansing clay therapy
    3. Renewing peeling treatments
    4. Anti dandruff treatments
    5. Anti hair loss program with laser therapy option

Simone Lee is a esteemed member of The American Hair Loss Council,  and a former Ambassador for The World Trichology Society.